Yolanda's Yesterdays

It's a Brave New World for Me

I have been on the fence for a number of years about putting my research out there for the world to see. It's not that I don't want to share, but like many others, I have spent many years and a lot of money researching, and I just don't want the copy and pasters of the world to take the information I have discovered and repost it without verifying the information themselves.

I have been rethinking this quite a bit lately, and a recent reply by Michael John Neill concerning one of his recent blog posts1 made me realize I want to do what he does, post blogs about the family instead of pedigree charts.

Since tomorrow is a new month, I will start August with my 3rd great-grandparents, Benjamin Campbell and Elizabeth (Betsy) Stoops, and their 6 children, Philip Stephen, Samuel M., Benjamin, Daniel, Anna Bell, and John Stoops. I don't plan for these posts to be full biographies, just very small sketches of who they were.

1. Michael John Neill, "They Took My Johann and Didnít Ask," Rootdig, posted 29 July 2015 (http://rootdig.genealogytipoftheday.com : accessed 30 July 2015.